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The Chronicles of the Weezie and the inflatable turtle
Weezie's random ramblings!!! Wahaaa!!
The end of another decade...
So as you might realise if you look through, I've had this journal almost as long as I've had a Gaia account. So, like, 14 or so years.

Back at the end of 2009/beginning of 2010, I started writing this post about summarising the decade of the 2000s, and how my life had changed throughout that time. Except I waffled on a lot through the first four years, then wrote that I would come back and write about the remaining six years soon.

Yeah, it's been almost ten years and I still never finished that post.

Now another decade is coming to a close.

This decade, like the 2000s, has been a period with lots of changes in my life, although it feels like nowhere near as long as ten years. I think back to life in 2010, and it really doesn't seem like that was almost ten years ago.

But, I am going to attempt to do what I tried to do ten years ago, and write a summary of my last decade. But this time, I am going to do my best not to waffle on.

2010: The Year Of The Fallout
-The year that me and Taina got together
-The year that my friendships with Michelle, Glenn and Danielle ended due to them not being too happy about me and Taina, and therefore my living situation with Glenn and Danielle becoming strained and uncomfortable
-My last year at University, and a very exciting one at that, full of theatre performances, writing a song that got performed by my whole class in a play, and learning to program and operate sound boards
- In addition to my part-time job at Burger King, got a second part-time job at Farmers

2011: The Year Of Jobs
-Taina and I moved in together
-I worked four part-time jobs in the first half of the year: Burger King, Farmers, teaching singing and drama with Musical Stars, and doing private singing tuition
-Got a full time job at Specsavers in the second half of the year, and left all the part-time jobs to pursue this
-Had my University graduation
- Went to Perth and other parts of Western Australia for a holiday with Mum, Dad and Nick
-Had a short summer break in Napier with Taina at the end of the year

2012: The Year Of Adjusting
-Continued working at Specsavers, and completed some company training in the hopes of progressing further in the job
-Won a free iPad from a competition at work
-Taina continued working at Countdown, where he had been for several years already
-My Grandad died (Dad's Dad)
-Very little of significance happened

2013: The Year Of Progress
- Taina and I did a trip to the US, went to Orlando, Washington DC and New York
-Started doing a Dispensing Optician diploma course to help progress at work
-Taina and I got engaged at the end of the year
-Taina's brother Vinnie was diagnosed with leukemia at the end of the year

2014: The Year Of Death
- Taina and I went to Auckland for a few days and celebrated Jess and Luke's wedding
- Mum got very sick and eventually passed away from ovarian cancer
-Taina's brother Vinnie passed away from complications related to his leukemia
- I completed the Dispensing Optician course for work
- Taina and I made all the plans for our wedding

2015: The Year Of The Wedding
-Taina and I got married
-We went to Rarotonga for our honeymoon
-Work became depressing and monotonous on account of finding out my becoming a Dispensing Optician really didn't change anything and I barely got paid anything more than before and I developed anxiety symptoms that required medication/counselling
-Taina got sick of working at Countdown, so after some soul-searching, left the job to study an IT degree at Whitireia
-We moved over to Porirua so he could study out there

2016: The Year Of 'Just-the-usual'
-I continued working, became an assistant Manager but still felt the job wasn't getting me anywhere
-Taina continued studying and made some new friends at his course
-Taina and I tried to get pregnant, but had no luck

2017: The Year With Some Changes
-Taina and I went with Dad and Nick on a trip to France, Germany and Switzerland, and also spent some time in the US, in New York and San Francisco
-Dad met his new partner Jill
-Nick moved over to London
-I continued the monotony of work at Specsavers
-Taina continued studying
-Still no luck with conceiving a baby

2018: The Year Of The Big Success
-Taina completed his IT degree
-We got referred to a fertility specialist, who diagnosed me with PCOS and prescribed pills to regulate my hormones
-Within just a few months, I got pregnant
- I continued working, and found that being pregnant made my job even less enjoyable than ever
-Our landlord decided to sell our flat, so we moved into a three-bedroom house in a different part of Porirua
-Dad and Jill got married

2019: The Year I Left My Past Behind
-Dad sold the house I grew up in in Elm Street, and he and Jill got a new house in the same neighbourhood in Upper Hutt
-Missy, the cat who had lived with Dad in Elm Street for many years (since I was 18 and still living at home) passed away
-I left my job at Specsavers due to my difficulties working while pregnant and became a stay-at-home Mum, despite my baby not being born yet at the time
-Taina had his University graduation
-Taina got a job at 2 Degrees (phone store)
-My baby girl Sabrina was born in June
-My Grandma passed away at age 96 (Dad's Mum)

So there it is. I got through the whole decade, with zero waffle. You're welcome!

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