Name: kaleidese

alias: yellow star

age: n/a

birth date:

race: stars

occupation: kaleidese space manipulation

sexuality: kaleidese bisexual

family statues: twins, single



eye color: purple

hair color: kaleidese white

scars/markings/tattoos: kaleidese always has a yellow star in her hair

likes: eating playing games goofing off


personality: spontaneous, messy, joking, free spirited

History: palidese and kaleidese originally were stars in the universe. Palidese being a white star and kaleidese being a yellow star. At the time neither star had relations with each other. Both stars were struck with a mysterious force and sent hurtling towards earth. Both stars entered earth's atmosphere at the exact same time. Through earth's magic and forces of the unknown the stars were reborn as twin magical girls on earth.