I'm kind of not a fan of some of the stuff on the Jet & Cygnus' NPC profile info.. it's like, okay, it's obvious most people are writing for Cygnus. I know I was. But do they even know Cygnus at all?

Don't get me started on the Love/Hate relationship section. It's awful BS. Like, we only get bits and pieces of their personality from announcements, but we can easily put together to imagine how they'd act. Cygnus likes dolls and sewing and poetry. (He and Stein would be great friends!!) Cygnus isn't mean, he's just shy and quiet which comes off as being 'rude' to most. I know the feeling because I don't talk much either. Cygnus also goes to bars, so he either likes to drink or has a lot on his mind. Jet likes sleeping, caffeine, and sweets, and is into pop culture and current trends. He likes fashion and binge watching tv shows and basically has normal cat tendencies. Jet can be brash and is very energetic. He likes to be surrounded by people and nature, and everyday can be a new adventure to him.

I'm not much into astrology, but I see Cygnus as a Aquarius and Jet as an Aries.

Maybe. I'm still thinking about it.