Well, it's amazing what a little typing can do for you.

Though I had a weird dyslexic moment while a little stressed out.

Kept thinking that things were to be read right to left, lmao

Definitely had a better day today, though I can't say much for uh...
someone that may or may not have met a wall of text at my hands gonk
(Sorry, btw!)

3 days until the online party!
Sharing a birthday with a sweet friend, so let's hope that it goes well this year heart

I'm really digging this avatar~
Might need to model it in 3d someday~

Kind of hoping that another friend is doing alright.
they've been gone for a while, since the last pm that I got from em gonk

but aside from that, I can only hope that everything goes well!
(it may be my birthday, but I'm really giddy about the surprise! heart )