...good news.

The first good news is...
My friend from the Young Adults With Cancer group was recently hospitalized, as mentioned in a recent post. He is doing well. His spirits are up and progressing. We are all relieved. I’ll be visiting him again today.

The second is....
I had my annual review and have been offered a high-level position I never expected. It’s at a level to which I hadn’t aspired and am still processing. I am both excited and hesitant. It would require a restructuring of my schedule, entails a great deal of responsibility and occasional travel. I have a lot to think about. Does it go against the objective to keep life simple? Will it throw off the comfortable work/life balance I have now? Will it be overly stressful, effecting our happiness? How much is too much or unnecessary? The answers will definitely impact the decision.
One thing comes to mind. When you’re in the workforce, you’re often faced with the decision of whether to stay with a company for the long haul or jump to a new company with new opportunities. I have friends who are often jumping from one job to the next, in the quest for more money. I’ve been prone to stay, due to the comfort of financial security, but have often questioned it being the right decision. It’s worked well thus far, but I’ve worried about the potential for stagnancy, etc.
With this offer, I now know I’ve been making the right decisions. It’s nice to know my instincts have once more served me well and to be honest, that knowledge is the greatest reward.
I’ll take the weekend to think about it.