Thunder crashed outside and a bright flash of lightning lit up outside the windows of the museum. A door opened and shut signaling the night maid had shown up. Lily groaned as she shook out her umbrella and closed it before taking off her raincoat and boots. Sitting them to the side she walked over to her locker and pulled out her tennis shoes and slipped them on. Reaching up she pulled her hair into a ponytail and looked in the mirror. She had on a pair of jeans and a t shirt that was comfortable enough to clean in but nice enough to look presentable if the curator came in before she left in the morning. Heading to the closet she opened it and pulled out the cleaning supplies and headed into the main part of the museum. She swept and mopped, dusted and polished and gathered up trash from a couple different sections of the museum before coming to her favorite sections of the museum. The Celtic artifacts area. She had always been fascinated by the Celts, part of it being her heritage as a Campbell the other part of it being the lore and legends, from William Wallace to the mythology around the fae. She took her time cleaning this area as she read the plaques and looked at the artifacts and models. She continued on and came across a new display. It was a medieval chess board with beautiful ebony and ivory pieces on a solid cherry wood board. The plaque said that it was from the 14th century and had been found by a river in the highlands of Scotland. It also said that according to the runes on the edges of the board that it was cursed. There was also a sign that said "DO NOT TOUCH". Biting her lip lily looked around even though she knew she was alone and then looked back at to the chess board and the smooth looking ebony queen piece. Taking a clean cleaning cloth from her supplies she wiped her hands of any possible chemicals and oils that might harm the piece and reached forward and wrapped her hand around the queen. Suddenly she doubled over from what felt like someone punching her in the stomach and then felt like the earth gave out from under her feet. She felt like she was falling slowly and yet plummeting at the same time. Colors swirled in front of her eyes and then everything went black before there was a blinding white light as if an atomic bomb had gone off but there was no noise. Then in a moment everything stilled and sound returned. Opening her eyes she found herself on a large stack of hay. Looking around she nearly jumped out of her skin when she saw a large horse looking at her. The sound of a door opening and a deep male voice had her panicking as she scooted into a corner of the stall. "Would you shut yer mouth already ill be fine".."but my'lord ! that horse hasn't been broken in yet!" came an almost whiny voice in response.

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