In the course of time the tellers of each story who ventured out to meet the Old One became his life-line to the outer world around him as he was always afraid albeit "Irrationally" that another "Sunrise" would occur an he would be totally alone again till the end of his life.

Not knowing that it could never happen again at least not likely as the world was so damaged that only the few lucky groups of humans an what few unlucky severely mutated humans still existed among the craters an glowing water.

The world of the time had maybe 7 or 8 Billion people before the explosion now mirrored the population during the last "Great Ice Age" with barely 1 million people on the world an many dying quickly from exposure from the elements like in the older times an also from the many new hazards left from the "Sunrise"

In any case the Old One was happy to entertain a guest an would happily offer food an what little water he could manage as he strove to preserve Life an any person who was not violent as possible.

The only thing was the Old One had learned to hide an ha always lived near his beloved cave, thought he treated the cave as a sanctuary now an did not live in it, but nearby in a converted pool which had been partially buried during the years after the explosion which he had made a "Den" out of like that of burrowing animals.