To hear the cries of the heart, this is their time.

Give them time. Nurture them with Hope.

While I feel my heart is still buried in a heavy sand
Emotion is never bound by the rules that govern healthy connections.

No matter where I search for an answer
it's always clear... that even though the step must be taken on your own
in a world where chaos is created by the divisions of man
there are those who work to show others the way

The way to a light, that warms your very core.
As this light can not be taken for greed
so shall you to take the torch that does not burn
but illuminates the path you should need to take

Perhaps the visions...the nightmares... the face that I lack
isn't that of not having a face
but simply... hiding it away.

A lie can destroy so much...
the foundation of ones being
the trust between a fellow man
you can't lie to yourself forever, either.

"Am I... that born in the shape of man
capable of actual love?
can I actually care about people?"

Having witnessed so many lies
fake tears, all for crowns of such little value
Never satisfied with the very miracle that they are...
...always at each other's throats for paper and minerals

Can someone actually care?

Do I care..?

If I can't... I don't want to see it.
If it can't be real, then I'll believe it until it is

Every mask I've ever dawned
every back I've turned on
all of the running
the hiding
the crying....

Have I lied to myself
about ever trying to look up?

Have I been so ignorant
even when I felt I had seen it all
and yet have seen nothing?

The real lie...
is to turn your back on the light
because you don't actually know it.

You know it's there.
but you never actually faced it

is it fear?
What do you fear?
That last breath on this living Earth
is one that everyone will meet
Good or bad
Right or Wrong

Life is Finite.

There's no point in living it alone
but it's not like you can't

but if someone reaches out
perhaps it's... alright to be foolish

We hurt because we're not perfect

They will hurt you
You will hurt them

but pain doesn't always have to be a bad thing.

Like building muscles to grow
pain is natural for growth

Rip away at what you think you know
and build something new.

Life comes in different shades and colors
you'll never get anywhere if you stay in one place forever.