I'm back to write more about my trip lol.

So yeah that first night we hung out. The second day actually Christi and I had bought tickets to go to TeamLab Borderless in Odaiba so we headed there kinda earlier. It opened at 10 but we got there a bit after 10, like 10:15. I kinda got lost because I wasn't sure which way to walk from the station, I think Aomi station... But yeah we met at the last station. I was smart enough to grab something to eat before then so I enjoyed my onigiri before the ticket gate.

There was already a line by the time we got there but we didn't have to wait very long. The line moved all the time. We got in and stuck together the whole time, moving from room to room. It was really cool but nearly underwhelming at first. Finally we moved to some cooler rooms. I forget the names of them, though I'm sure they're online. One room was hard to get into because the floor was made of netting. My shoes nearly came off trying to go down the steps. Then we all lay down and enjoyed the show.

There were like 3 rooms that were reeeaaaallly cool. One was some kind of forest. i recorded a lot but I doubt I'll ever manage to post it lol. It was so cool how everything moved. It was totally psychedelic. And then there was the room with the lights. That was cool and I got really cool photos. And then finally the room with the laterns. That was probably best. We really had a good time. I think we were there for a couple hours at least.

Then we had already planned to head to Chinatown in Yokohama to get the GazettE collab foods and the post cards so we headed down. It took a while. Kanagawa is far... I think because it was so hot too, we were both exhausted. For a few minutes we just sat in the middle of Chinatown. Then I got up to see if I could figure out where things were and I found the black nikuman. I went and got two one for me and one for Christi. They were really good. Huge, actually. Ofc we got the post cards too. After we had those we regained our strength and went on.

We found the place that had the Chinese fried rice off the menu so we went there. It was quite nice. We had siumai with it too. It was another big dish... I know I was really full at that point so we just went for the black berry sangrias. Those were really good lol. It was funny because they put all the sixth guns in one room with a large round table.

It was already evening by then. We went to get a couple things. We stopped at Daiso so I could see if I could get some crocs as well as something to put all the post cards and photos in. Then we decided we'd turn in early since I had to get up really early. I think I just grabbed some snacks before I went to my room and had those. I probably had another pudding lol.

So yeah I already wrote about live day. Got up super early. It was super hot. Live was super fun. AND. AND. AND. Killed me lmao. I went and bought a new CD for full price after the live so I'd have a chance at getting either a poster or a pin. I got a Reita pin ~ I don't have any friends who are Reita biased, I don't think, so all for me ~ Reita is a good guy and I love him anyway lol.

It was hard to figure out where everyone was. We were already late for our reservation at the izakaya. I found Victor though and then everyone told us just to meet them so we headed down. The inside of the arena was crazy crowded when we were leaving. Worse than Shinjuku station, though at least everyone was heading in generally the same direction. Still it was crowded outside as well so we walked on the street instead of the sidewalk. The izakaya was straight down from the arena so we had no trouble finding it. I had recognized it as well as the chain I had been to before. So yeah we enjoyed drinks and good food. At first I got some regular beer, but then I got the same giant mug of beer that Victor was having. I finished one and I was gone... But the food was really good too. MY CHEESE TOOK SO LONG TO COME THOUGH. And it was only like 3,300 yen per person. Oh yeah and I got a second mug but I couldn't finish it lol. Then we all headed back to the hotel. For a while I could not remember how we got there. I must have really been gone...

Actually now I'm not sure... Because recently I remembered us walking to the station from the arena, but I think that was after we got merch, when we were just on our way to the hotel to freshen up... So yeah, I don't remember how we got back to the hotel lol.

We got in. We had already picked our beds. Poor Victor had the floor lol but he didn't seem to mind, ever. I think I had got my energy back and had stopped being drunk before bed. We talked smack about some random girl who was a liar and said met the band and stuff lmao. She don't know Uru the way I do! jk but forreal. I gave Gabby medicine before bed so her snoring wouldn't be as bad since she had a cold. It did improve throughout the night. At first I couldn't sleep because of the snoring lol... Woke up once or twice but I had a good rest. We got up around 9 or before. Gabby and Carmela left ~ I'm so glad I got to meet them and became friends with them. Then me, Christi and Victor got ready to leave. We actually took another taxi or an uber all the way to Christi's place in Sumida. I can't remember what we did after that... It was Tuesday... Shopping? Idk tbh.

Okay, I'm tired of writing. I still have a few days to write about though lol.

But yeah the live was super fun. Ruki looked so cute because his hair was so fluffy. Aoi the vampire. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa. OH and Ruki being cute with the towel on his face because he was crying and couldn't stop lol... AND CHRISTI GOT ME TAPE. But I bought more online. She said I could have asked for more but heeeeeeee.

Okay this is it for now but I'll write more soon.

Bye ~