I was going through some old notes in my phone, as I'm finally getting a new one. It can no longer be avoided, the battery won't hold a charge. There were a couple of entries which stuck out. I can't remember the exact circumstances, but it doesn't matter.

This one makes me feel happy that I'm happy now.
"Words are lies, because they diminish every emotion felt. Think of it... When you're feeling really low and at the bottom, does "sad" give it justice? Does "angry" describe when your insides are boiling and you feel like steam could spout from your ears?"
This one turned out to be 100% accurate. Beware of the emotionally stunted.
"At the moment night becomes day, she decided destiny doesn't exist. Laying there, hair a mess and spilling across her pillow, with the remnants of yesterday's mascara lightly smeared under her eyes, she knew there had to be more.
Maybe he doesn't love you, he just needs you to love him."