With his nose leading the way, Holton followed the delightful smell of baked goods down the hallway and into the... Brass lounge?

Cautiously, he pushed open the door. He'd never actually been in the lounge before, but it was basically as tiny and sparsely furnished as all the other common rooms were: By the window, there sat a single table with two foldable chairs. A couch in the centre faced the now turned off TV. A game console and several controllers were skewed on the floor by the couch. In contrast, the other side of the room looked like full kitchen complete with a stove, oven, shiny marble counters, and a fridge.

"Hey Holton!" (Tuba) piped up cheerfully, vigorously mixing something in a metal bowl. Batter?

"(Tuba)!" Holton exclaimed, attempting to mimic (Tuba)'s bright energy. "What... what are you doing?"

(Tuba) blinks twice, stopping his work to dramatically place a hand on his chest, as if he was completely baffled by such a question.

"Duh, I'm baking cupcakes for the section!"