Overtime you realize how useless it is to correct some people's image of you. You try to fix their understanding of the situation but in the end it's just a waste of breath because they are fixed upon what they've been told or what they've grasped.
Sometimes they say something so flawed that you realize staying silent is so much better than trying to correct their point and then your image in their eyes.
Sometimes staying silent is so much easier and time saving. Just hear their words and let it pass over you. If there's something good to pick, pick it, but otherwise just let it go for your own sake, because your breath is so much more precious than your image in their eyes. That also helps give an understanding of them themselves. If they know you and hold that image, so be it- is that all they've understood over the time they've known you? If they know you, they'll know there's something more. If they're interested in knowing you or thinking good of you, they'll ask the details.

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