While driving yesterday, I saw a driver open her window and dump a bag. Out tumbled food, plastic cups and straws and paper waste. The worst of all, she had children in the back seat. It was a disgusting display.
I recently read in the United States, most people only recycle 34% of their recyclable materials. This concerns me, as it should concern us all. I honestly don’t understand. It takes little effort. It’s free. It gives the world a chance at a better future.
Many people think “The problem is so big, my part in it won’t make any difference”. Wrong. It DOES make a difference, even if it’s only in your corner of the world.
As a homeowner, I chose to build with green products, use sustainable energy and purchase appliances that are “green” and energy saving. You would be surprised at how many discounts and rewards you receive for doing so. When building, do your research and plan ahead. Why would you want toxic products in the place you call your home? Why wouldn’t you want to save yourself some money?
People want flowers and landscapes and buy fertilizer and toxic products. Why? You can have your own compost and there are many safe household products to use instead of harmful chemicals.
I’m very disappointed in the low statistics. We can do so much better. If you won’t do it for yourself or your community, why wouldn’t you do it for your children? I mean, if you have or want to have children, wouldn’t you want to teach them how to help the environment? Don’t you want them to have a beautiful world. Be responsible, please?

I urge you all to do your part, no matter how big or small. Every bottle counts. Every light turned off, makes a difference. There are endless amounts of literature at your fingertips. Educate yourself. Educate your children. No excuse is acceptable, in my opinion.