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. Valentine's Journal .
. . . . . .
A Change Of Home

I suppose this is my first time talking about it , online that is .
I've been hinting at it for ... a while now , to any that's willing .
...But I have had a lot on my plate , the past few months...
And now , it all comes together , and at the worst moments .

But guess i'll say it here , then figure out a way to say it more... publicly.

I am ... moving .

Complete change of location , hopefully not jobs , and god forbid
if I have no access to internet overall... as I hope to keep that also ya.


I would argue that I'm not happy about it , but what would be the point ?

5 or so years i've lived where i am at now , and each year ... even this one ,
something horrible has happened to this place I'm currently in , and it's
costed us.... so much money.... so much.

So much , to the point that it would be cheaper at this point to just
up and sell the damn townhouse , and go .... rent .


It scares me.
If it wasn't for the fact that my family is caring enough to let me
at least live in a house , I wouldn't make enough money right now
to rent ... much less anything beyond the car-payments I currently
pay. And thats taking into account the fact I've no health insurance
right now , even . And now i'm moving ? Into a place that is to be
.... renting ? I don't know...

I ... It shouldn't effect my life .... THAT much ....
Being so busy , i'm online enough to talk to anyone that talks to me?
Just enough to sometimes draw, to check on my Discord servers...

I need internet for work anyway... so at the least I'll find a way to have it.


Perhaps I am just... over-worried ?
I have friends that care , even if they don't talk to me as much as I want to.
But I know that they know if they need me, a quick @ at me, and im here ya?
...My art discord is filled with those that LOVE art stuff , the good and the bad...
So I know that even if i'm not around, it's being looked after.

...Might be in need of a few changes online, like my paypal...
Nothing too major.

Beyond that , ALL i really need to do is just figure out a methodology
to say " hea im moving and idk when that'll not be an issue anymore "
to the public .... friends and all .... and I guess I'll be set. Right ?

I meen it's not like anyone art-wise is going to miss me... I rarely post art nowdays.
Most friends I know has my number , so if they truly need me and i've no internet,
they would always have that... and if they don't , they can just ask.
Most friends I know also know that I'm... not around as often as I wish to be.
So.... it I know it wouldn't bother them too much to see me semi distant.
I already am , though it be a pain in my a**.

I hated the RP , but I do miss hanging out on gaia with them.

I love how i'm typing all this as if none I know is going to read it.
Please, i see the numbers , you guys love to snoop , lol. <3

I'm guilty of it also. Always read ya'll's journals.


Neo, you should probably go a bit more easy on yourself ya?
And you know if you ever want to talk to me, you can just DO that ya?
Believe it or not, I'm always here for you, ya damn silly bat. ^ _^

And as for the rest of ya , just do me a favor ?
Don't let past pains drive your future thoughts.
Too often do I see ... things .... in many places , that worry me .
Some good. A lot... sketchy. Some bad.

Just... knowing that you all are alive and well , leave me content.
So do well by yourselves , and care for yourselves .


Even as I type this , im running out of time...

Tan's asked for a font to be drawn in two weeks, but
all of now, till November, i'll be busy... so I should get
somewhat started on that huh? Then...


I don't know.
I was never much an artist, let alone a good person.
So little things need doing, and still so little time.


Well .
It's not going to get done, with me on my a** like this.

Time to get to work.







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