Creativity is essential in anyone's life. It doesn’t matter how you choose to express yourself, you just should. Some people paint, or write or play an instrument. Others design jewelry, build furniture or grow flowers. There are boundless methods.
Art takes courage. People often hold back from expressing themselves, for fear of judgement or failure. Exposing your imagination to scrutiny, may make you feel vulnerable. In the end, acceptance isn’t what’s important. It’s about the process. It’s about allowing yourself the freedom of expression.
I like to paint. It doesn’t come easily, though. I’m amazed to watch some people create a beautiful painting in a matter of minutes. Mine take a while and sometimes I get frustrated. I don’t draw the human form well. I do best with scenery. My forte seems to be house portraits in watercolor, so I stick with it.
Anyone can paint or build or play an instrument. To some it comes easily, to others it doesn’t. It simply takes practice. It takes time to find and perfect your style. It takes pushing yourself and allowing yourself to be imperfect.

Albert Einstein said imagination is the truest form of intelligence. It’s true on many levels.
Express yourselves. Create. It’s good for the soul.