I was in a car packed full of people and randomly I ask JARVIS if he could pull up YouTube. he doesn't but instead, a screen pops up saying do you want to play a game and we all said ' Sure why not?' so the car suddenly has a mind of its own. And it drives us into a lake or we thought it was a sorta ocean but not too far deep. But then the car goes onto the shore. Quickly we GTFO of the car. And there's a monk woman thingy. Acting like she's gonna beat me up. She speaks of once again tony stark. And I ask her where he is. She has locked him underground in a cage. I free him after kicking her a**. And then he gets his iron man suit on and takes me to some park-like thing. Except the police show up to arrest me and him. I warned them not to try to hurt either one of us since we haven't hurt anyone yet. And they attacked tony and I practically went apeshit and killed a few of them. They backed off and we hugged and kissed. I told him I missed him and he said the same. Then I woke up. XD