The killings had become worse. The lands of zOMG were so barren, the air stood still in fear.

The Animated were barely aware of what they were reviving into. Once a gasp of air filled their lungs, they dispersed into ash and loot. The loot, which the beast barely had any care for, covered the Barton Town wasteland. The NPCs had to close shop for weeks due to this monster's severely increased appetite.

If ever a chance to take a breath was preeminent, Harriett had already stolen that chance. There wasn't a soul left in the BootSnake dimension. The Village Greens took the worst of it. Every time the Gnome King reanimated, he would plead in tears and mucus not to be destroyed again but with every moment Harriett cackled.

The wolf bared its eight foot stature with a chest beating in every breath. His fangs agape with the loot and...blood ....that spilled with it. This hunger, this newer form of craving that came over him, was addictive and the energy he was getting it from was the most savoring. In his last breath, Harriett allowed Lu to return to the conscious part of his actions in gloat of what the beast had done in Lu's slumber.

Just as that, Lu was in more turmoil and distraught than ever. His heart sunk deep inside him. Harriett knew that such actions would wither the man and his plan was treated like royalty. The sheer bellow of Lu's cries was a song Harriett was yearning to hear for a long while.


Gold Beach took mercy. There were a few Gaians hustled by the cliff and the corner of the Null Chamber but most were stagnant and bored. They enjoyed the sands rolling across their feet and the ambiance of the sea and sky intermingling with their existence.

A shuttered Lu regurgitated from the purple crystal with barely any thought to change into some better, less shredded clothes.

Again, this feature of him didn't stir any murmur to the Gaians. Some form of this that Lu had upon him was a trend the Gaians loved to bestow.

Void, Katt, and Gamu were the frequent visitors of the land. And though they're a Korean-esque love triangle worth admiring, it wasn't something to waste money on.

This was what the caramel-skinned male was doing while the flashes of memory was clouding his every wake: Remembering what Harriett had done was folding over him.

...he needed an answer.

In the brief of humanity that he had left, he contacted whom he considered his silver bullet and asked if the harshness shunned her away.

The answers were late to him even if they were five seconds apart. He needed something. He couldn't understand what was it he was craving. It was something and it was urgent.

She answered.

It was a 'yes!'.

To this glee, he had to make amends of his impatience and included the 'guide' to how her being the 'Silver Bullet' had its pros and cons.

It seemed that she took it well. It seemed...

And for every hour that she was there or anywhere, Lu took in as much as he could. Harriett could do nothing in the male's wake and this was what set the fire between the man and the beast. It was so distinctive, these two in thought, that one would have believed two full beings were becoming of the one in mind.

Vigorously, they would constantly fight for control over the body and consistently the fight grew and grew.

At times, Lu was consciously able communicate with TC and at other times, he would find himself miles away from her with more forms of loot placed at his feet.

In some case, a win had to be a win for the beast and, for right now, this was the best he could do?

The only question that Lu had with himself was the curiosity of the woman he partook and if her ways were genuine.

Her smile surely stated it.