Wherever her scent lingered, subconsciously he would follow. Like a pup craving the company of his pack, he trailed and admittedly traced her. In the longest of her innocence, the grieve of his sins and the blood that still soaked his coat veered the complete opposite. His darkness was a mask to her light.

But, for some reason, her presence weakened his sense of vengeance, animosity, and hunger.... Another feeling overpowered all of them.

She was there again. She was across the room again. He was smiling at her again. Every time a bit of human consciousness returned to Lu, a small speck of her face and smile was the last he remembered before Harriett took the steering wheel again.

The intermittents had longer intervals. At times, they would chat and laugh. At other times, he would find her in his mouth and he would have to spit her out and apologize.

The longest Lu has ever returned was the night that they spoke and played once again in the Rallies. She has presented to him her purest form of her feline physicality. It was a fluff of beauty that spread throughout her figure.

She would shake her rump at his face trying to tempt him into everything but to no harm.

That was the night he had to ask. At least, before Harriett became impatient and shut him out again.

"I need to ask you," he spoke in restrained urgency, "There is a weakness drawn on me from you. But this is good."

Teal tilted her head in a sense of perplexity and felt a pressure of anxiety berating her chest. A fume of bright pink blushed over her cheeks. "Uh," she stammered.

Lu continued on, "I want to know... Are you my 'silver bullet?"

A linger of silence exchanged between the two. The murmur of the other Gaians killed the buzz but, to them, a cricket could sound louder than them.

"Please say yes.." Lu goaded. His heart began to hammer louder. He could feel Harriett drawing nearer and soon darkness would overtake him again.

Lu needed an answer. Though abrupt at the moment, he needed an answer but he knew that she would need time to think.

"I apologize for the rush. You will need time to think it over."

Teal nodded happily and that was the last he saw of her for a while.

She may have returned many times but since Harriett did not like how Lu admired this being, there was a sense of threat to the monster's existence.

This was something that could not wait. Harriett had to intervene...