I haven't shared this one but It's almost been 3 months since I've stepped into this job that I currently have. First and foremost, I really had a great experience for the first 2 weeks of it, mainly because I had fun with the training that was given to us and I met a lot of people which I then, became friends with. After the two weeks, however, comes the proper training for the account. I can really say I was not in a good place, I was anxious almost everyday, and I can tell myself that I was not performing well. It got worse as the time goes by, at present, I still even have a bad case of anxiety whenever I'm receiving a call. At this point I'm honestly not sure about everything, I was not sure if I am meant for this, I am not sure what to do next, I am not sure what's the best thing to do. I am not even sure why I stayed in this job, is it because of my roommate? is it still worth it? do I still need to be with him even though It's really not needed? Personally I'm just waiting to earn enough, so I guess that's the only thing certain, the rest, I. Don't. Know. I know It's my choice to enter into a job outside my related field, but as I progress, I can say that this kind of job is not for me. I honestly want to re-connect with my field, I want to have a job that's related with fashion or arts. I guess as of the moment, I will try to see how much I can take and how much I can endure this. However there should be a time where I can fully decide for myself.. And I hope it's sooner than expected.