if I keep having weird Avenger themed dreams I swear xD there so descriptive tho. It was like an altered reality to the one we all know. I was a being named infinity, the creator of the "Infinity Stones" aha so cringe right? Okay well, I and Tony were a thing, and pepper? She didn't even exist, they only thing she was was a safe word, a word that was funny to say if you made the P's real loud. This is what I said right before I gave up my memories, and everything to be turned into a human child and know the next part is weird. Cause the person who allowed me to do this, walked up to my mother, my actual mom and asked her to adopt me XD. She said yes. She just lost a child of her own. But the thing is I was supposed to slowly regain my memories, at least distorted versions of them, upon reaching adulthood. *throws table* My dreams like to screw with my head xD, and all this sacrifice was to keep tony alive. If I'm not mistaken, we had a child and lost her too. Man, I swear if I were to change the names and remove the avenger's theme, I would have some killer freaking stories to share. SORRY for anyone who had the patience to read this. Have a good day!