haven't heard back on my application yet.

i guess i should have some other plans, to do something. anything.

i should also mentally prepare for homecoming this year.

it's my 10 year graduation anniversary! (makes me feel old)
last year was cool since i got to see some people from the class of '08. i had forgotten that i had so many friends from that class specifically. they showed up only for their 10 year.
a lot of my friends are my year or younger. but yeah. my older friends. heart

mentally prepare is because.... well my ex roommate is bound to be there with her new baby.

she goes to homecoming most years. and even tho she married and moved away, she still went last year. (i successfully avoided her by not announcing to anyone my intention of being there and by keeping a low profile, and also because she was busy with performing in the alumni marching band. praise the Lord! )

this year. ugh.
guess i should start praying about it.