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. Valentine's Journal .
. . . . . .
Movie / After

This is a spoiler-free movie for IT : CHAPTER TWO


Admittedly, I've never had time to read the book of " IT " .
As a whole it was just... a monster to tackle, huh ?

....As a visual spectrum however , things are different.

The classic IT movie/show was horrific.
Not in it's story , but in it's exposition and performance.
Long story short.... it was rushed , and it's noticeable.

Steven King always hated this issue.... because it
didn't matter if it was done to good quality, he wanted
his stories done with the respect that gained him his fame.
.... and a lot of the time , he didn't even get that ...


Then comes along King , and once again we now have
all of these classics , and even some new ones , being
made and re-made .... with the budget and hype it NEEDS .

Thus , " IT " .

IT 1 was a fantastic story , and was remade well .
But just like 1 , IT 2 ..... has a reputation to overcome.
For out of all his works, IT was considered a joke.

...and the move(s) where, because the older ones had no love behind them...

However , as we saw with 1 .... this isnt the case this time.
And 2.... IT is no different.


What I enjoyed about the movie overall has to be the fact that
they don't force an ending on you with this. Everything is touched
upon, nothing is rushed, and you get the ending you need.

I even stayed after-credits , just to be sure.... and nothing.
No hidden bullshit , no continue beyond .... IT .... has an ending.
And both it's ending , and the ride to that ending , was worth the trip.

....What makes me sad however , is when people think of this
movie as a Horror movie. It's not. IT , is a story of overcoming
your fears for self-benefit and satisfaction .... the journey to love one's
self, as you would a close friend. The monster uses fear to feed
upon souls, like salt would go on eggs ..... and THAT does scare us,
those watching. But that's all that makes this movie.... a horror.

There's humor !
Sadness !
God there is more personal-growth and caring in this story than there
is any actual horror, and THATS THE BEST PART.


Which.... is why it does make me sad.
Because as I sit there, watching the credits roll, i listen to
the toxic people that sit near me... some only a whisper, some
as loud as Trump himself ....how most preferred IT 1 , because it
was scarier than 2 .

Oh how it would've given me grand joy to belittle them.
To put them unto there place with a good fist of rage,
or if not physically.... verbal . ...If only...
Just to ******** open there minds beyond what they ******** saw.


Perhaps it's my love for good stories that makes me think this way.

But how can a person sit there, and honestly say how bad something
was, when all they expect out of it is nought story... but scares.

I BET YOU'D ******** LOVE IT !!!!


Regardless, there opinion doesn't matter.
******** where the loudest in the room the whole time....
Be glad I didnt toss popcorn at you , as you where too far away.
Damn hicks



All in all , I recommend this is a good watch.
But only if you've seen 1 , first .

Why read a story from the middle , right ?



9.7 / 10 Zombie Parsley



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