It's raining really hard, so I didn't even go to work. The weather makes me a sad boi.
I also had leftovers for this meal, and I ran out of meat so Idk what I'm gonna eat today (probably instant noodles? But like I still have to finish off some rice so idk).

Some meal prep ideas, obviously
-curry: missing broccoli and potato (use the onion, chicken given by roommate)
-vegetarian pasta: missing canned tomatoes, spinach
-i've always wanted to try burger meal prep so I should do that before skule gets busy.

also, what the ******** is literally wrong with my roommate's boyfriend. you don't take trash out of the ******** trash can and put it on the floor (didn't take it outside!!!) and leave it there. he didn't even refill the trash can. what the actual ********. What a disgusting piece of s**t and he even smells like s**t, the entire place smelled like BO and weed. I literally want to slap him.

on a completely different note, I still have about 1.2mil + a paintbrush to transfer over to meow (lol F)

also, im gonna have to do 2 loads of laundry this weekend (probably). i'll do 1 that's socks and maybe random clothes + the cleaning clothes, laundry bag, and then one with PJs, towels, white clothes (?), blankets and stuff.