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Character References
Bios and info on the characters of this profile
Cereza aka ZA
Name: Cereza O'conner aka Za(sia)or Reza (only her Boyfriends)

Age: 2o's

Race: ½ demon/ ½ umbra witch

Hair color: White or silver white

Eye color: red/blue (left red/ right blue)

Weight: 185

Height: 5'0 (5'1 with boots)

Blood Type: contaminated (AB human)

Personality: laid-back and occasionally flirtatious attitude, mildly serious and sardonic. Za prefers to hid her fears and anxiety behind sexualized humor and jokes, only showing them through her music taste or stuff she’s written. constantly looks like she’s stoned or in deep thought, or just doesn’t care even when she really does. Very Zen.

Likes: swearing, music, art(drawing), fixing things, breaking things, demon hunting, singing. Cooking and taking care of others, alone time. Kinky s**t, revealing clothes, making Nero blush, teasing Dante about his age and taste in music. Secretly Fashion and computers. Stealing her boyfriends clothes and Dancing.

Dislikes: pushy people, Angels, rules, religion, good-two-shoe type people, life with no music, people that interrupt her. People that dab (she will hit you)

Appearance: A pale Voluptuous young woman of 5’0 tall with a lot of tribal related tattoos which are actually makers of her demon contracts, she had three real tattoos that don’t move on two on her left arm, one is a red tribal eye and the other is an hourglass with red sand and bone (can give pics for these) and one of a black crescent moon on her forehead between her eyebrows Her hair is silver-white to her back in curls but styled with an undercut on her left side and slight bangs that frame her blue/red eyes. She has her ears pierced four times on each side and her tongue pierced as well as her nips. She constantly has an ipod or wireless earbud to a phone with music during battles.

Choices in Fashion: Tank tops and Tees that have funny graphics on them, Nero’s Tees, Dante’s button downs, Jeans or jean-shorts with fishnets, Combat boots or chuck taylors. Sometimes she’ll steal one of the boys jackets or hoodies from Nero.

Abilities: temporary time stop, Time bubble, summon her weapon, enchantments, the ability to walk in inferno and Paradiso freely, witch time and summon demons to aid. Devil trigger.

Weapon: modified revolver and Scythe

Awaken Status: Devil trigger- time Witch

Za’s devil trigger looks similar to Artemis but without the piscine lower half. She takes on an angelic look but with her skin made of scales, six wing-like limbs that each have a series of glowing red-blue lights on them. Two wings are held over her head, two are stretched out to the side and the last two cover her body. The lower half of her head resembles a woman's, but the upper half is composed of several clawed appendages that clench together to resemble a bandaged cranium and spindle halo that can be pulled out as blades.

Relationship Status: Poly- single

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual-demi-romantic

Biography: Za, born Cereza O’conner, to a young modern Umbra witch in hiding with a demon contract. This union brought both Za’s mother, Marie O’conner and her Father, Asmodeus, to be imprisoned in Inferno. With no one to raise her, Za was placed in the care of a human orphanage where her odd looks got her teased and picked on. Because of her parentage, Za spent most of her life being hunted by witches, angels and demons.

Because of humans think she was acting out, Za was moved around a lot as a child. It wasn’t until she was about 10 years old that she was an Umbra witch Elder tracked her down while she was wondering the streets. Za had ran away from a foster family that was abusive to her, making her cold and distant, always wary of attention of others to the point that physical contact was met with violence automatically. Instead of killing the young Hybrid, Zelda the Umbra Elder took the girl in and formally adopted her. Zelda started training Cereza after that, slowly getting the girl to open up. There was still the dire concern about Za’s devil side, even as mild mannered as the child was. Za’s anger had its hand, her only tell was her eyes which both would take on the crimson color of her left eye.

There was no motherly love between two witches, the most Za got in motherly love was from a Demon contract of Zelda’s, Alashasia or Alsha as the Demoness preferred. Alsha took to the young hybrid as her own, after the loss of her own. Alsha was able to bring out Za’s Devil trigger and find ways to channel the younglings anger more constructively so that the girl didn’t trigger each time she got just a little mad.

Training under Zelda and Alsha, Helped Za find a purpose in her life, both female figures giving her something she had never had before, family and safety. Zelda filled Za’s life with magic, literature and music while Alsha filled it with weapons, hunting and the love of foods. It was Alsha that fitted Za with her first Scythe. Zelda let Cereza start helping out around her human trinket shop to give her interactions with other humans and witches.

When Za was 13, she had started to make friends outside of Zelda’s home. Normal teenagers that would pass by Zelda’s little shop. These friend ships didn’t last long, as it seemed anyone that came in contact with the young hybrid became targets. The first time young Za spent a night outside of Zelda and Alsha’s protection, the house of her friend was attacked. This is the first time Za made a contract with a powerful demon, Phantasmaraneae or phantom, a colossal arachnid of fire.

The trio had to move after the attack, this was when Za’s anxiety set in, fear of never being accepted and that everyone she would ever know would die because of her. Za closed herself off again, this time pushing herself into music and her drawing as well as hunting.

At 17, Za lost the only family she had, Zelda was dragged into Inferno in front of the young hybrid during an attack on their home. While another chance to gain a summon, This one was the Ferry master, Kharon. (still working on it)


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Roleplayer of 10+ years, Fandoms: Resident Evil, Devil may Cry, Legend of Zelda.
Over skype/discord/pm for details
Character Bios will be in my Journal here
I do art trades.Current request is Oc art request for All my ocs
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