It's past 11pm, my eyes are droopy, but my brain is wide awake still.

Game Updates:
-got that pyro class i wanted. it's not great honestly. i think i've given up on aqw. well, till next time we meet!
-transferred a little money over to meow, but i reeeally don't know how i'm going to get that paintbrush over.
-grinding miasmal lake for rigs. story is fully stocked, got stuff going on cakes and weiss too but not many purchases. got gaia nyan leveled to 10 (will sell when the price lifts a little, it's at 1.5k rn) and we're gonna work on PB.
-played zOMG! a little too, but it's not that fun without ppl. i didn't see a single person on and i went to like four different areas.

Life updates:
-well, Gale gave me some leftover food. My temp roommate may also be giving me food when she moves out on sunday. that's kinda nice. free food for cooking is always good.
-idk about that board. i can probably just try to get the board itself done and presentable (but not actually do anything else w it) and then stop. im tired.
-Isaac asked if I wanted to get food. food is good. he's also mailing me a postcard from Japan so that's really nice.