i'm creeped out.

i found something on my dresser, right in the middle, right where it's not cluttered at all and hasn't been cluttered, that something was something i swore i threw away. weeks ago.

back when my sister's family was visiting, i heard a mouse in the attic space.

so after the kids left, i put a mouse poison puck thing in the attic space. i took the baggie it was in upstairs, put the pellet in the attic space, and i could swear i ziplocked the baggie and threw the baggie away. this would have been like Aug 8 or 9.

today is Aug 20. i have not been home all day. when i got home i might have only spent like 5 to 7 minutes upstairs, mostly in the bathroom.
well, i just went into my room for something and i look down at the one dresser, and there in the middle, where i could swear has been empty for weeks. there. was. this baggie. and i looked at it thinking "when did this bag get here?" then i saw the contents, the little clear pouch and a few little green crumbs of mouse poison.

i don't know what to think.

i thought i threw that bag away. ages ago.

why is it just now appearing?

edit. i decided i must have just overlooked it all this time. not sure how, but i had to have. it's the only logical explanation.