This is another thing that had coming for an entry in this journal. I wanted to talk about my novel, Darkened Destinies. This novel is out for people to buy. It is a medieval tragedy, so if you enjoy stories of love, secrets, tragedy, and even a little mystery, then why not check it out? It's available in paperback and ebook, and you can buy it on iTunes, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Google Play, and you can ask your local bookstore or library about this title. There is a book trailer out on YouTube, which I will post down below, as well as the summary of the book. So go on and check into Darkened Destinies, and dive into the mysterious legend of behind the Karver twins!

Summary: Within the kingdom of Yalelia, there is a legend surrounding the royal family that states if the family were to birth twins, then these twins would have to uphold certain rules in order to bring the whole kingdom to peace for the rest of their natural lives.

Lucas and his younger twin sister, Rose, were born into royalty in Yalelia. Due to rules that were unknown to them, the two became separated, having been forced to walk on different paths. When they're reunited, Lucas discovers that Rose has been recognized as the youngest queen to rule Yalelia, with him at her side as her loyal servant. Being at the age of falling in love and allowing jealousy to take over much too easily, the twins will have to face some deadly consequences.

Journal Question: Does this seem like a book you would enjoy?

Book Trailer