I made a quick journey back to the Cherry Blossom Inn to speak with Priscilla. It would seem that she and Tsuzuki are keeping busy, while Jason has gotten himself into a relationship he seems rather dedicated to in the short time he's known the other fellow. I hope things work out between them.

Unfortunately, Priscilla didn't take to the news of Ulran's death too well. I get the impression that she's taking it a lot harder than she'll allow herself to show. She said he was one of the rare ones, which means that he was probably on the table for approved arrangements for her marriage. Though, considering his career position, I doubt he was high on her father's list. Still, it pains me to see my dear friend so broken-hearted.

She gave me sound advice on how to approach Eris about his son's death, and I can honestly say I was taken by surprise by his reaction. He looked even more devastated than Priscilla and spoke as though it were his fault even though he didn't rightly state that it was. Even as I spoke with his wife, I could tell that the news would only bring more turmoil for the family. If a divorce wasn't such a taboo in their culture, she might very well le-