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1. Sainte Ciel: Agape (haircut)

2. Turbo Wanderlust (background)

3. Across Blush (blush)

4. Starlight Godina (bottom)

5. Bad Reputation (top)

6. Lori The Vamp (mouth)

7. Flora's Petite Waltz (top)

8. Pieces of Fabric (removes top)

9. Best Sherbert Love (horns)

10. Valkyrie's Descendant (background)

11. Ted D, Ber-ly You (skin)

12. Candied Sweet Eyes (eyes)

13. Luminous Hymn of Faith (legs)

14. Between Luminous Sea and Sky x2 (ears and arms)

15. Too Sherbert School (hair)

16. Shy-Blooded (blush)

17. The Ancient Surgeon (removes things)