Snoring is not as bad as you may think. I mean that.

I was sorta traumatized by my family given how much they complained about how loud my snoring was...

Wife seems unaffected by it save for the fact that she will notice when I'm not snoring (which means I'm not completely asleep). Funny how I resemble my father in that way...

My brother will be buying his first house pretty soon as I've been nagging him just like my dad used to. I was right during these past 2 years and both him and my mother finally agreed (victory doesn't taste as sweet as you may expect). I'm stressed out, actually. I want to help as much as possible with his closing and move out, but I'm also working on moving my wife and her boy over to where I live, so that's taking all of my energy and time. Today is a rare day with some extra time... maybe.

I resemble my father a lot. On the good side, I am protective, proactive, loving, and I've been exhibiting a lot of confidence lately. On the bad side, I can be dumb with words and get stressed simply because I want things to go a certain way badly. Then again, my wife has been huge in helping me channel those negative energies - she's such an inspiration, it's hard to see failure as a permanent thing. Her son is 3 and has been calling me "daddy" a lot lately (it melts me). I had no idea a child would change my life so much...

He is extremely brilliant - bilingual at the age of 3! I thought she was joking at first, but after testing him out, I'm starting to feel embarrassed. He is in love with the solar system, for some unknown reason, so I've been spoiling him with a bunch of themed presents. For no reason. I have to fix that, I know, but seeing his smile and his energy just pumps me and makes me want to be ever stronger, even better, and do even more for him. Guilty as charged, but there are no words to explain.

I'm blessed. Not really deserving of such a great family, but I'm surely working my way up.

I wonder how my dad would have taken things... Reserved at first because of her son from a failed relationship, but I'm sure he would also fall for the kid. The little boy is such a charming young man full of surprises (and random moments, just like his mom). I'm sure dad would be happy and proud of who I've become, despite my shortcomings.

Wife wants a second child... I would rather focus on a second house now, but we will see.

I know I said Gaia was done for me... I find it hard to fully detach from this place. Sure, lots of bitter memories, but still feels a bit like "home".