I heard a knocking on the inn’s window when Ashur came to summon me. After giving me the clues I needed to find Naryu, I followed several varied directions that eventually pointed out the way to her safehouse.

Veya told Naryu that she wouldn’t meet with me until she could trust me. And the only way she could trust me was if I was willing to obtain some council records for her. Specifically, the records pertaining to her brother Ulran.

I was told that the security would be light at the estate they were stored at. Thankfully, I still had some invisibility potion samples to help me through. They helped to make the task a lot easier when a servant happened to be taking a late-night stroll. I returned to Naryu’s safehouse just before dawn.

According to the records, Ulran was stripped of his rank and exiled. Surely something could have been avoided or fixed by Eris. Unless there was a specific reason behind it. Or, perhaps the dark elven houses aren’t resorting to bribery so much anymore now that the Molag Tong has been reinstated.

Growing ever concerned for Veya’s safety, Naryu granted me the directions to the cave she had her stowed away in. On my way there, I ran into Captain Brivan, who had reports of Veya being seen in the area. He further confirmed the details of Ulran’s exile, over him protecting an ashlander from one of his own soldiers! Brivan was utilizing the khajiit mercenary clan called Ferhara’s Warclaws to find Veya. Judging by their reputation, I was sure they would find her before I could.

Thankfully, I was able to find her first and managed to distract the Warclaws by luring a river troll for them to deal with. Vicious creature pitted against several vicious hunters. I didn’t stick around to witness the end results.

Veya expressed her need to talk with the ashlander tribe she and her brother had befriended. But Naryu came in to warn us of the Warclaws closing in on the cave. Sneaking out through some back tunnels, we learned that Eris had brought along the city guard to help close in on his daughter.

I confronted the father, explained to him that trapping his daughter like this was not the way to ensure her safe return. As I attempted to negotiate with him, Naryu and Veya were able to sneak past him and the guards. Everything that happened today just made her want to run even more. He agreed to back off, but he had no control over who Brivan chose to hire outside of the guard.

There is really no way these two will see eye to eye.

I didn’t reach the location of the ashlander camp until around dusk. Agreeing to scout out the area for Veya and Naryu, I learned that the Warclaws had completely taken control of the encampment. They had the clan’s chieftain held hostage and separated from her people. And she told me that Ulran and those unwilling to surrender were being held prisoner inside of a nearby mine.

I was able to sneak into the mine, but what I found in there was not the son a father proclaimed to be alive. Ulran and the ashlanders that would have fought at his side were all dead. And according to a speaking stone he created for his sister, we have every reason to believe that this was all of Captain Brivan’s doing.

Veya is completely distraught, but for the time being she is safe. I can only hope that Naryu can reason with her. I’ve been tasked with speaking with Eris, but I have a feeling none of this will end well.

Perhaps Priscilla can help with some possible negotiations.