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. Valentine's Journal .
. . . . . .
A Love Dream ? .



I'm not sure what to call this dream I had this morning .
Mostly its because I don't often have dreams about me
...or whom ever i am in the dream...
being in love , and it's been stuck in my mind all day.

So I decided to write it down.

The following , was my dream the other night .





I was finished moving into a new house,
when the neighbors came by . A
welcoming party for me and my family.

During the party, I met a woman about my
own age... and we hit it off well. She said
her name was Eavee .... and though I was
a disgusting male slime monster in human
form ......... she was kind to me.

And we became fast friends.


The dream fades to black , and in text i read :
A year passes


Eavee and I where alone in my house.
We both where bored as all hell , and with the
family gone for the next few days .... there wasn't
much to actually DO per-say.

She eventually got out a board game though.
Sitting extremely close to me, almost touching my arm,
she looks me dead in the eyes and asks about a bet.

If I won this game against her , I could ask of her any one thing
and she would do it. And vise versa , if I lost ... she would make
me do some ONE thing for her. Like a Jennie in a bottle , the loser
had to grant the other's wish, no matter what , no fussing or complaint.
Needless to say , THE GAME WAS ******** ON !

....but I lost.

So I dug into the act.
Her wish was a crushing blow to my soul.

Kiss me , while I sit in your lap.

And yet, without even the slightest bit of hesitation or embarrassment,
I scoot back so she could sit....

..... And we became extremely passionate ....


The dream fades to black once more , as text shows :
Six Months Later


Lovers now , Dating , a Couple
Together , we stood by a nearby TV , as we watched the latest trailer.
Eavee was to preform in her latest acting roll alongside another female
actress. Though the show was to be done together , there would be
a panel of judges whom would grade them both.... the winner, being
given the chance for a more personalized acting role. This would be
Eavee's chance in making her dream as an actress realized into
stardom.... And so , I kissed her good luck , and she leaves.

I wasn't allowed inside during the performance , so I watched from
a nearby TV , gathered around by a growing crowd ... eager to also
watch the show to come. And a show it was !
The other actress was truly horrid , compared to Eavee .
Truly , she was majestic , and the crowd around me even knew it.
Cheers and awe sprang forth from them... and I felt honest
pride to even know Eavee , as I saw her upon the TV .

....so when the other woman won via the Judge's vote ,
I didn't even need to know by the people around me... or there hate.
I didn't even noticed the boo's or the rants.
All I needed to see was Eavee's face , as she calmly walked away
to know that it hurt her to the core to lose to that woman...


There was only one thing on my mind now.
I must get to her. HER. Eavee .
So with a determination of pure anger, sadness, and worry...
I split my slimed body into a long mass so i could " run "
faster , and began my search for her. Yet I couldn't find
here anywhere.... as if she vanished.

I checked all the places I thought she could go , cept one.
Her favorite place to go , when she wanted to just get away
from everyone and everything . She never truly told me of it
in the past , but somewhat hinted at where it could be...

So I tried to find it.

And I did... though it was deep into sunset by the time I did so.
A pathway , in the nearby woods , that lead into a small cave
before a clearing where a barn was. From the barn you could see
the whole trail , and even into the cave as it was open on one side.

The path was known as Water's Dagger-ed Falls , for anytime it rained,
the exit into the clearing would be blocked by the water's runoff ....

A small waterfall.
Strong , Powerful , Uncross-able without a steal umbrella .

The barn's lights where on, and within I could see her.
Eavee's frame shown within a window.... and so I called
out to her. But the rush of the nearby waterfall blanketed my voice.

And so , I faced the one thing that could be deadly to a slime...
...the free flowing , free falling , water....
And I yelled out a death wail , as I began to rush towards it.

For others , it would be a task to just go through the water , sure...
For a slime , Impossible. They would just be washed away by the force.


However , I pushed through.

Eavee ran to me in tears.

She demanded why I did this...

I said how I looked for her all day, and recalled how
she mentioned this place once.... and low and behold here she was.

She said how she didn't want to be found...
How her shame was too great to handle from
losing to that other person , whom didn't even
have her heart into her performance.
....How it made her feel as if she didn't try hard enough...

My body.... was crushed from the water.
But I pull myself together fully , and I place my hand into her cheek.

You where magnificent Eavee.

She buries her head into my chest...

There is always next time...
And besides, everyone else thought it was rigged anyway.
I was nearby a group of random passerby who also watched
you , and they all where cheering for YOU Eavee. They LOVED
you, and hated the other woman.... you should've listened to
there cries when they saw SHE won. It was .... powerful .

She pulls back a bit , wipes away her tears , and smiles.


The dream fades to black as they embrace


And I wake up.





It.... its strange , this dream.
I've not been privy to .... love-anything , in a long while.
So to experience it like this has been interesting.

Truth be told , I worry .
I worry that im....


no, its nothing.

This was a good dream, and i'll leave it at that.

^ _^ hmm...



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