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My Journal
Stuff about my life and my minor complaints
3 years later....
Well almost 4....

So much has happened. Since then the 2015 Update.

I had a son - Sept 2nd, 2015, my then boyfriend lost his July that July, boyfriend got custody of his two sons when his ex wife decided to move to Montana for a month. Lost our little slice of happiness that was our apartment and my doctors decided to induce me while my boyfriend packed out apartment. With our psycho

Had Alexander Ellis on 9/2/15, was living on a couch and a extremely toxic environment for me, developed PPD, lost custody of him to my parents. To this day we're fighting over custody... his 4th birthday is in 3 weeks.

We moved in with my boyfriend's ex wife (who came back) along with the boys. That Christmas my boyfriend became my fiance! We were planning a wedding for Sept. 30th, 2018. Due to fighting with the ex wife because her job made her a drama queen, we moved out, (she kept the boys) when her stoner boyfriend moved in and she was constantly fighting with my fiance so after 6 months we moved in with my mother. That was all bad. We went to Hawaii and she became even worse. She was so toxic and after a month we moved to my boyfriend's parents where we live currently. I cut my mom off from all contact. My fiance had a good job, but nobody would rent to us. That was all in 2015 & 2016...

In 2017 was a roller coaster of a year. In Jan we got both boys again full time due to them clashing with their mother's boyfriend and baby daddy.

- He went mental and left his good job in April 2017... Went to school full time.

- My fiance and I broke up in Aug 14th, 2017 due to him listening to girls who thought it was ok with playing with his feelings and that "I" was the problem. When we broke up they showed their real colors, one flat out stated it was a game and to see if hed really break up with me. Another wanted to be the only girl in his life but didnt want the kids in his life either. She hated the fact I still lived with my boyfriend. She ghosted him. Since she worked for my family, my sister with proof of her being a liar went for the girl's job since she worked with money.... 8 months later she would get canned for cashing fake checks. During those traumatic months, we lost 2 babies. After working on things, my boyfriend and I got back together in Nov. but didnt "inform" a lot of the family or his facebook friends who continued to set him up with other people. Eventually they got the hint he wasnt thrilled with that. He bailed out of school by Oct. Got a new job at a awesome store.

In 2018 was a crazy but amazing year. We were doing awesome, we were planning our wedding. Due to events the previous year, I had patched up things with my mother who learned i wouldnt put up with her toxic bs. We were still planning the Sept. 30th Wedding, but realizing it would cost bank and my boyfriend's mother wanted to recycle all the old wedding stuff from my boyfriend and ex wife's wedding... NOPE. We got a notice in the mail in Jan. 2018, explaining for the yearly family vacation we would be going to the Grand Canyon! Las Vegas!!! My boyfriend goes, hey... lets get married. June 24th - 30th 2018, Vegas. Signed up for the trip, boyfriend, his best friend and myself.

Not even 3 weeks after the notice and signing up, in Feb. I was late. Like 12 days late. With Alex I was sick all the time, wasnt sick. The only time I got sick was when I was near the ex wife's house because I'm allergic to pot and it makes me violently sick from even the smell of pot. Didnt think anything of it. Got paid, got a test for giggles. My period had been crazy after the two babies I had lost the year prior. It changed in 30 seconds flat. O_o So on Feb. 22nd, s**t got real... again. Got super paranoid over what was going to happen. My boyfriend got his tax return, let my buy whatever i wanted for my birthday. Since we ordered the boys some new bunkbeds. So he was coming down the hall asking about the shipping of the beds and I was hey something you gotta see on this sink! He came in, saw the test (not knowing I was testing) and was OH s**t is that real!? Wait we need to go to the hospital to make sure everthing is ok dont we?! I made an appointment the next day but it wasnt until April that everything would be confirmed and a due date of Oct. 23rd would be given. We kept it a secret until March from my mom, she was excited. My dad was furious. With my health and was worried he'd be getting another kid if I went mental again. The entire pregnancy was different, the PPD didnt come back.

During all this, we announced we were having a baby, my boyfriend's friends and family were shocked. But assumed we werent together and this was a oops thing. We had to write notes, cant be nice, dont say anything. Boyfriend decides for sure we're getting married in Vegas, not anywhere closer or later (Sept 30th with a possible newborn is a huge nope)

As time went on my boyfriend was CONVINCED I was having another boy, and so the naming wars began again. His mother tried convincing me to name my "son" after her dead brother again. So my boyfriend picked the middle names Owen (i liked it, my mother on the other hand despised it and became very dramatic over it, was my boyfriend's brother's middle name) Douglas (the uncles middle name) or Sophia Rose (after the Golden Girls and Dr. Who characters)

Early June rolls around, we buy a van to accommodate the fact we would have a baby soon. While at DMV we filled out our pre registration for our marriage license and booked our wedding venue and location. So boyfriend goes back to being fiance again officially.

June 6th - Ultrasound day, we told the techs it was probably a boy. They were we hope its a girl. Well the tech was looking around and was i think youll need at least 5 dresses, maybe 6. We were huh?! She was, its a GIRL. I was over the moon! We had our haters and we had small group of supporters. And that was mainly my mom. His mom began to BEG for us to dd Lynne somehow to her name (Sophia Rosalyn or Sophia Lynne) NOPE. Nobody congratulated my fiance, especially his mother who was going mental. To the point my fiance's sister was WOW you really hate that fact hes getting a girl. She was no, its because they wont let me name her after me. We did change Sophia's name slightly, we included my middle name Arlene since it was my family's namesake for the female members. So it became Sophia Rose Arlene.

Fiance's crazy mother tries to BEG that we put off the wedding til AFTER the baby had been born and that she was convince I was still having a boy, Ultrasounds could be wrong. Fiance's sister comes to visit before the Vegas trip and the Wedding. She agrees eloping would be smartest for us, our families are too dramatic. While chatting with my future sister in law, she was asking about my delivery and his mom goes, oh shes going natural of course and if this one is really a girl, theres always next time. I was I'm not allowed to go into labor, its going to be a scheduled csection and also dropped the bomb, no more babies after Sophia. Much to his mom's horror.

Vegas trip rolls about. We drove 12 hours. Lost the AC in the Van. It was 112 in the desert... drive sucked bad. Best friend was annoying as hell. Regretted taking him. Grand Canyon was amazing, but being pregnant in the heat sucked. Got married on a wedsn, June 27th. Since no AC, took a Uber which was 30 min late to my own wedding. I had calls from fiance going where are you!? Had my side show up and no drama. Picked my cousin for maid of honor since my sister still hated my fiance for the 2017 fiasco. Dont blame her though. A short and sweet ceremony. Fiance got promoted to husband. Right after the wedding, got my Keepsake License a frame from walmart and got it framed in our hotel room. While waiting for the Pastor who married us with recipets for extra services (he did all the behind the scenes stuff, instead of us and even ordered us our license), my husband posted he had married me and his PHONE blew up! Well wishers and private messages from family and friends of his demanding to know what was going on. While he was driving and ignoring the phone I was changing my last name on facebook and email accounts. We are still happily married.

Oct. - Sophia was born. With complications, that would of killed me had i gone natural. I was in active labor and my OB was lets pop her. Sophia was on a main artery and would of taken it with her and I would of bled more than was safe. I got my tubes removed so I am Sterile now. No cancer, she had it tested. Sophia would remain in NICU for 55 days for hypoglycemia. We had a case worker pretend to be a doctor and decided I had PPD again (didnt) and tried to take away Sophia because we needed mental services. My parents were horrified and stepped up just in case. It backfired on her, when court deemed us mentally sound. She lost her creditability and was removed from the case. Sophia came home on Nov. 30th and has been here since. Shes currently 10 months old and her birthday is in 2 months.

- I turned 30. Celebrated my birthday with Alex for the first time.
- Celebrated our first wedding anniversary!
- Got awarded more visitation with Alex
- Boys are now 10 & 13
- Boys moved in with their mom for the school year in Reno, NV
- Mother in law is still nuts.
- House rental is coming up in the next 7 weeks. Perm or Temp not sure. Pretty exciting. Might have a roommate for 6 months though.
- Possibly buying a new car too.

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