Ashur failed to give me the full information and details concerning why Veya's mentor might be at the western ruins. While I thought that they might have been used as a safe location far enough away from town, I learned how wrong I was as I saw several brigands patrolling the area.

It turned out that Veya's mentor had been sent on an assignment to track and slay someone. I won't go into the particulars, but after slipping past the bandits' defenses and finding my way through the underground river caverns, I found myself before an all too familiar face.

Naryu, the same dark elven assassin that initially rescued me and Eoki from the slavers is indeed Veya's mentor! After a bit of flattery over my possibly stalking her, she agreed to arrange a meeting between me and Veya. But first, she needed to complete her mission.

She said she would be in touch, but I'm not entirely sure when.

In the meantime, I returned to town to speak with Eris. He was not at all pleased to hear of his daughter's intentions to join the Molag Tong. And he still refused to explain the matter of Veya's missing brother Ashur. He would only state that the man was alive.

I explained to him that Veya would agree to meet with me so long as Eris dismissed the rest of the freelancers he hired. I also gave my word that I would convince Veya to meet with him. I just hope she will listen to reason from a neutral party.

Until then, I must wait until I hear from Naryu.