Apparently I wake up on the wrong side of the bed a lot. My family doesn't use their brain's sometimes. My dad got fresh shrimp yesterday and split it between my sister's and I plus kept some for himself and my mom. Well at midnight last night I dropped my car at their house cause it is getting a new part put on it today and my mom gave me a ride back home. My dad gave me the shrimp to take back home so I could dehead it. He however forgot to mention that in the little cooler was a bag for me and a bag for my sister that lives with me. So my a** deheaded two whole bags of shrimp at 1am because it was either do it or put ice on it and get it done soon as possible. Only to find out this morning after I have already frozen all the shrimp that it was separated for my sister and I. So I'm cranky because people don't know how to talk and tell you all the information. Literally just makes me cranky af.