I haven't been drinking anymore on account of having exactly zero dollars left to spend. Trying to get a job at Alfy's Pizza as a delivery driver, but there's a lot of paperwork and insurance ******** to go through. I think it's been two weeks since I first walked in and picked up my application and I'm still not actively employed yet.

Conner bought me Minecraft last month and I've pretty much been playing it nonstop since then with how much free time I have. I didn't expect to have as much fun as I've been having. I am a little hesitant to put in too much time or effort into one realm/server/project/world because it's all so impermanent. None of this will amount to anything in the real world and it will all be deleted eventually. I've learned from Terraria.

Conner's been acting like a real c**t lately btw. He's always "correcting" me when I make a joke or give an opinion, he interrupts and talks over me, he insults me... Everyone's been noticing it too. I haven't brought it up with a ton of people because I don't want to make him look any worse than he's already making himself look, but Jacob agrees. I just shut up and turn the other cheek when Raven acts like that, but I actually stand up for myself when Conner does it so him and I are basically always arguing whenever we talk to each other now. He really is immature. Jacob and I suspect he's just stressed out from travelling nonstop and that it isn't a personal attack against me. He's acting exactly like Raven. I told Raven how similar the two of them are (without mentioning the negative connotations associated with that comparison) and that the two of them even got the same MBTI score, to which Raven admitted that he always liked Conner and considered him his favorite member of the Eat Soup Crew.

Conner is pursuing Gretel now as a girlfriend, which is fantastic. Their families are both super conservative German White Nationalists, so they'll get along great. Conner and Gretel can have lots of racist, big-dicked Aryan children now and live happily ever after. I'm just glad he's found someone his own age. They're both born Year of the Horse.
Conner kept parroting the same "age is just a number" bullshit when he was flirting with me, a grown-a** mentor, from this 16-year-old baby boy. He doesn't know who he is yet and he has a lot of learning to do. It would be heartbreaking to leave my long-term relationship with a man my own age to date this little kid for two weeks before he realizes he doesn't know what he wants and breaks up with me and ruins my alliance with his entire family and the sanctity of our Robotics team. The boy has no strategic skill.