After a bit of asking around from the locals, I was able to find a man who went by the name of Drevis. He is a friend of Veya and upon revealing my intentions, he proved to be quite protective of her. While he didn't understand the full gravity of the situation, he did divulge the fact that Veya was trying to find out what happened to her brother. Her father wasn't being too forthcoming with the information she was looking for, so she left to find the answers on her own. Or at least with help from a trusted friend from the Molag Tong.

If I wanted to know more, if I wanted to help Veya, and bring peace to the family, then I should look for the man that delivers the letters to and from Veya. A guy by the name of Ashur.

Strangely enough, I remembered hearing the name earlier, having overheard it mentioned by a group of men that appeared to be heading out of town. Hoping to catch up with them, I went in the direction I thought they might have gone. It was a good thing too, as I found them ganging up on another dark elf. Giving him some aid before he could be overwhelmed, he thanked me before bragging about his martial prowess. I got the impression that he too was a member of the Molag Tong, to which he confirmed that Veya was indeed being taken on as an apprentice. But if I wanted to speak with her, I would need her mentor's permission.

I will be heading out to the western ruins in the morning to see if I can find this mentor.