There once was a fickle succubus with long black hair. Part of the reason she was fickle was because she was born in an age where times were tough and people had to travel by sea with many deaths. However, that wasn't something she had to worry about personally- any of these voyages were a free meal ticket with all the contact on a small boat. After all, a succubus feeds on others through personal contact. Not just intimacy as some would assume, but any brush against someone else's arm, leg, or face would do just as well. Essentially, a succubus is an energy vampire, when one oversimplifies what they do and how they eat. They drain a person's life force, little bits and pieces of their soul at a time. Sometimes through dreams, but very rarely will they do so by force, they are somewhat polite creatures compared to other demons.

In any case, our particular succubus is named Gwynlinvinnius, but simply calls herself Lin for short. She had a craving for gold more than people. At first she stole a piece here and there from a leather pouch or coin purse. Even for a succubus, stealing from others was dangerous because they might cut off your whole hand. Though back then, there weren't any witch hunts, so she would have been able to eventually regenerate discretely and assume someone else's identity if she had to. Eventually after gathering enough, she sought to become a gold smith.

Still, this wasn't nearly enough for our Lin. Producing it and selling it for more bits. She did this for several generations before realizing that it would never be enough. Lin wanted to genuinely be royalty, to be a queen. Perhaps part of this could be attributed to her race. Perhaps a part of it was simply because when one starts from nothing they crave everything. Regardless, she set out to create a new plan.

Lin would then use her legitimately acquired wealth to marry into some sort of royalty. However, it couldn't be any royalty. She hadn't even considered conceiving a child in her youth, but, the thought did occur to her- that if she did need to, it would have to be a vampire. Partly because she'd outlive anything else, but also because it would be her first attempt at creating an attachment. None of these would go well for her, not truly, each one making her a bit more bitter and distrustful of men who she couldn't control. She would have a series of relationships and a few dozen different children, most born at completely different times to different mates with varying levels of attachment. Each one created with the same intention of raising her own status.

The others aren't really important though. This is just a rough draft of her prologue, the moments leading up to today. Today, she has a special child, with some overly ambitious plans for this one. Wynnie is that child, a half orc half succubus. Lin currently has a large amount of hopes for this one, though Wynnie isn't very good at what she does, she's smart and has tons of potential. Brugo, Lin's current husband, is also a wealthy orc, following the pattern of her previous choices.