...I know not everyone actually uses these at all. I only recently started using mine, and might not continue to do so. Still, the thought that someone could subscribe to them is neat. I could use this for world crafting or setting up an rp...hypothetically.

I could also use it as a way to list the pieces of art I want to order. A lot of things could be done with this space. At the same rate, if it is never looked at- then it might as well not exist, in some regards. Hm..

I do like it as a reference area, even though I should simply go on and finally create those Toyhouse pages I have intended to for the longest time. Though, I have to wonder if anyone is subscribed to journals because they find someone interesting or would actually want to receive updates, were someone continuously posting about their life or posting a story.

Suppose I may be far too lazy to consistently do either..but I had to think about this a little.