Kinda picked the names:
Sung-Min - electricity/electrical currents
Aisha - bionic body parts, really hella strong
Brooklyn - change body to different materials
Palash - changes/molds different materials, but specifically metals
Lesedi - enhanced hearing, night vision, high jump, basically a cat
Sergei - lungs of steel, can breathe anything from water to toxic air

Sung-Min thrashes in panic as the soldier releases his air tank. He desperately takes in one last breath of air as the diving mask is ripped from his face and pushed away by the strong ocean currents.
You can't panic now! His thoughts scream, Remember your training.
He closes his eyes, feeling the water surrounding him, and the tightening steel bounds on his wrists. He forces himself to relax. He earlier bragged about holding his breath underwater for seven minutes. It was unfortunately time to prove it.