Aug 14, 2017

Dear Diary,

That's how people normally start right?
I'm new to the whole diary thing..
But the doctors keep telling me I should
write down my feelings & thoughts, that it
might help me...
Wait, I'm getting ahead of myself, I haven't
introduced myself, sorry, my mind is a
little messy these days...

My name is Logan Lewis, I'm a 12 year
old girl with black hair & dark green eyes.
Nice to meet you.
I wonder if I'm doing this right...
Am I doing this wrong?
Who knows honestly...

Diaries and journals are such a pain
to start..
I guess... I should start telling you
about my day? uh... let's start
with when I woke this morning...

I had woke up in a fright, as I had
nightmares like usual, my room was
almost completely dark... I had
turned to check the time on my
alarm clock.. It read 4:29 a.m
"... Great, there goes my hope to
get 8 hours of sleep," I thought,
my heart rate was high still, ah right.
I didn't even write that it was high,
sorry diary... I'm not too good at
this. I should I'll continue writing
my day, the machine I'm chenk hooked
up to was beeping to inform the doctors
I woke up in a fright or my condition is
acting up again.. A few doctors rushed
in to make sure I'm okay, after checking
if I'm ok, they sighed with relief, and
went about with the usual
check-ups & tretments treatments,
my condition seems to be getting
a little better... Most of my day
was spent on my checks-up & treatments
& drawing & now writing, I guess.
I miss mom... I miss dad...
It's been months since they
last visited me... I heard some nurses
saying things like, "They probably
don't want to deal with her anymore.
" &
"Maybe they think she's a lost cause."
... I'm starting to think it's true..
Oh, I'm almost out space to write
on this page, I guess that's it for
today then..

Your owner,

Inspired by sleepyhollow_101's creepypasta
'Momma's Glass Princess'