All the characters in this story were recycled people from 4-worlds.

-The main character is Lizzy, yes, the same Lizzy as from the Painting. But this time she's in high school and is apparently friends with a lot of random people, all the characters in this story to be specific. I think they know each other from some random club, language club?

-Essentially, one of them decides to throw a halloween party at this abandoned house (!!!). obviously there are rumors that the place is haunted, but they're like, meh, we don't believe in ghosts and stuff.

-So they go to the place. obvious description of the dilapidated house, and the spooky vibes. **IMPORTANT DETAIL INCOMING** as they walk in, they hear a muffled bell ring multiple bells. Some dude, i think I chose Marc (from sierra/sally's story), mentions to Lizzy that it sounds like wedding bells.

-But they get there, start to set things up, and the door locks shut and nobody can get out. Wow. Somebody dies, I think a knife flies out of nowhere and kills the first person. A ghost materializes in front of them and says there is no way to escape, except for the roof, but they'll never make it there and whatnot. An easier way out? He's a sad lonely ghost. Donate a soul to him, and become his wife, and he will let everyone else go. He wants Lizzy tho, and she's a wholesome person so like, everyone wants to protect her and whatever. They turn down his offer.

-They group works its way up to the roof. There's a lot of doors. Wrong doors lead to death. They learn the history abt the house. all the monsters in the house are cursed versions of the Ghost Dude's family members. Like you have these tentacle like things in one room that hang from the ceiling. if you're too tall, it'l grab u by the neck and strangle u and u'll die. there's "Grounders", which was mentioned in another journal entry. hands shoot up from holes in the ground. There's also like some kind of evil girl, maybe she eats u or screams at u or something, i dont rmemeber all the monsters. but basically everyone dies. except Lizzy, Marc (her love interest), and her best friend (???).

-they get to the roof. marc gets stabbed by knives or some s**t. her bff is shoved off the roof i think. (or the other way around). Lizzy gives in. She'll marry the ghost dude, but he has to undo all of this. he says ok.

-She turns into a spirit, wearing a wedding dress. The bodies in the house vanish. Everything is ok, her friends are finally safe. She hears the bells -- the same bells that she heard walking in...? -- and turns around. she runs to the other end of the roof, where the main doors are. from above, she sees 10 teenagers with party supplies walk into the house. among them is her. she realizes what is about to happen.