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Known Spells
Storm Bolt: A instant cast, long range, fast moving,lightning based bolt spell with remarkable homing ability that shoots forth and explodes on impact, this spell has a 35% chance to stun its victims. It leaves a residual effect of electrical damage over time which can jump to nearby enemies at a 50% rate.
Tempest: A large scale version of storm bolt channeled over approximately 3 seconds, doing 577% more damage surrounding Ayte within a 15 yard radius.
Lightning: Ayte fires a single target bolt of lightning with a 10 second recast that deals sufficient damage.
Shock: Ayte projects lightning in a cone of about 3yds in front of himself, dealing sufficient damage but can only be recast every 10 seconds.
Tempest: Ayte creates a field of lightning of approximately 20 yard radius, that deals continuous electric damage to all who pass through it. This takes about 5 seconds to conjure and 40 seconds to recast.
Chain Lightning: After conjuring for about 5 seconds Ayte releases a bolt of lightning that inflicts damage on a target then forks to the nearest target and repeats till the spell dissipates. Each fork has less power than the former, this can only be used every 40 seconds.
Mark of Flame: An instant cast spell marking up to 5 targets in a cone in front of Ayte of up to 15 yards away. The spell is harmless till activated after an approximate 2 second channel, it violently explodes and burns its victims.
Meteor: Calling down several small meteors to damage and deter enemies, Ayte drops an enormous meteor on his victims from the sky dealing incredible damage, indoors this spell is summoned through a portal. This spell is uninterruptible once cast but has a reasonable recast time, and is more effective when unhindered.
Ice Barrage: Sends 9 scattered blast of ice shards crashing towards enemies piercing and chilling them.
Winter’s Embrace: An altered version of Ice barrage where the shards are intensified and launched in a cyclonic motion to pursue and berate enemies. This takes approximately 3 seconds to channel and functions independently after released.
Ice Blink: Teleport approximately 15yds from one location to another within sight leaving those with the pathway chilled.
Winter’s Grasp: The target is enveloped in frost, freezing weaker opponents solid and slowing more resilient foes. This spell is instant cast and instantly applied but can only be used every 8 seconds.
Dispel: Ayte is masterful at removing curses of the mind as well as those placed on objects, this does not guarantee success but greatly enhances his odds.
Arcane Bolt: Fires a sphere of energy at an enemy dealing moderate damage, and is usable in 3 second intervals.
Glyph of Paralysis: Ayte inscribes a glyph on the ground that paralyzes the first enemy to cross its bounds lest they resist it with shear physical will. Ayte can only create one at a time as it fades over time and he can only create it every 40 seconds, when coupled with glyph of repulsion the paralysis spreads to all dwelling with a 20yd radius.
Glyph of Repulsion: Ayte inscribes a glyph on the ground that knocks back opponents without the physical power to resist it, this glyph fades with time and can only be created once every 30 seconds.
Glyph of Warding: Ayte inscribes a glyph on the ground that bestows allies with physical and mental resistance as well as attempts to redirect projectiles. This glyph fades over time and can only be made once every 30 seconds.
Glyph of Neutralization: Ayte inscribes a glyph on the ground that neutralizes all magic, dispels all effects, drains all mana and prevents spell casting or mana regeneration within its bounds.
Spell Might: Ayte enters a mode in which he overflows with magical energy making spells more powerful but rapidly expends his mana and hinders his mana regeneration.
Mana Clash: Ayte expels a large amount of mana in direct opposition to enemy spellcasters within a moderate field, who are drained of all mana and suffer damage in equal proportion to the mana lost. Ayte can repeat this spell every 40 seconds.
Combat Magic: Ayte channels his magic inwards turning his magic into might, increasing his physical output at the cost of severely limiting his spell-casting ability (not power) but increasing his mana regeneration.
Mana Drain: Ayte creates a parasitic bond with a target, absorbing a small amount of mana from it, should it posses mana. This is repeatable once every 10 seconds.
Drain Life: Ayte creates a sinister bond with a target, draining life energy to heal himself and can do so once every 10 seconds.
Vulnerability Hex: The target suffers in resistance to cold, fire, electricity, nature etc. resistance, increasing the damage they take from incoming magical and environmental elements. This fades over 20 seconds but is also has the same cooldown time.
Affliction Hex: A contagious form of vulnerability hex.
Misdirection Hex: The target suffers a frustrating hex of inaccuracy making it incredibly hard to focus and thus successfully target. This hex fades over time and can only be reapplied every 40 seconds.
Death Hex: The target suffers a curse that causes all damage received to incur critical effects.
Healing Surge: Restores 20% of Ayte’s health upon cast, up to 50% while charging and 10% upon completion. Cost 30% of his maximum mana to cast and up to 20% to sustain the charge.
Sphere of Protection: Requires 30% of Ayte’s mana to sustain but protects him from 16% of all incoming damage as well as creating 4 ethereal orbs that patrol its barrier dealing damage to those who are struck and occasionally splinter off striking and knocking down foes.
Shimmering Shield: Ayte surrounds himself in a shield of energy that blocks most damage and grants him a large amount of resistance to elements and magic, however this consumes his mana rapidly.
Elemental Rage: Rapidly pulls enemies inward with lightning, then Ayte propels himself backwards with flame, scorching all who were pulled in, then culminates a large cluster of icy boulders in the air that slam down to finish the attack.
Reckoning: Ayte manipulates the fabric of fate itself giving him increased power and speed as well as the ability to slay immortals and alter outcomes. This cannot be repeated often and thus must be used wisely.
Shapeshifter: Ayte channels for approximately 5 seconds and then transforms into a man sized spider, a bear, or a swarm of stinging insects. These forms can be used for combat, espionage, or travel, and in the case of the swarm evasion from attacks although the swarm is also susceptible to fire.

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