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1. Sainte Ciel: Agape (haircut)

2. Across Blush (blush)

3. J's Sketchbook (hairpins)

4. SDPlus #591 Zombae (skin)

5. Flora's Petite Waltz (top)

6. Freezing Thirsty Fafnir x2 (horn and tail)

7. Moonlit Rainbow Explosion (hair)

8. Jeni's Doll Eyes (eyes)

9. Temperamental Stoic Mage (ruff around neck)

10. Shy-Blooded (more blush)

11. Between Thirsty Sea and Sky x2 (ears and arms)

12. The Ancient Surgeon (cutter to remove top)

13. Best Friends for Legs (legs)

14. Naturally Yours (background)