I just wanted to fill in something here.

I really don't have anything to say but rn, i am i a bit of a struggle.
I am now working in a BPO company and am still in training.
I have to work my a** off to get what I wanted.

RN, my dream for the future is to get far away somewhere where I can love and relax all my days.

When? I am not too sure about that.
Should I go on a career first?
Or be in a relationship first and everything might turn out well?
Actually, all I can do now is wait.
Even if waiting takes 3 years,
I don't care!
As long as I reach my dreams.

I just have to stay focus.
Even if I'm...
I just want to get what I want.
Not get what I need atm.

That's who I am.
Unless if you're someone I like,
Then sure heart