I feel like I've been spending too much money impulsively lately, but then again, most people tell me that my monthly budget is super low compared to theirs. If I return to seldom eating outside food, I should be fiiiiiiiine.

Anyways, I didn't really wake up until 11am, so I went to get br/lunch at Charidise (the taiwanese beef noodle still seemed super tempting. It costs the same amount as a bowl of ramen at kinton does, and I think I would prefer to get that in the future. plus the broth comes seperately, so you can split it into two portions (two meals), so it might be more worth.

After that, I played some AQW again. Got Doomwood rep to 44k/100k, a couple more days of farming bit by bit and i should have the necromancer class. Then it becomes a challenge to farm embersea (if I really want blaze binder, apparently it's a really good farming class). I'll probably complete the dragon storyline and battle 1 more celestial arena member each day... takes me 5 mins to kill 1 monster now. big yikes.

Then, clarinet-senpai v2.0 summoned me to the mall to look at shirts. ended up buying 2 pikachu shirts (whelp), but they're both really cute. idk if i should return the smaller one or not, i guess i will see.

and then i ate outside food for dinner AGAIN!! i just got the fried chicken from kinton but like ,,,,,,, that's still $9 with tax and tip included .-------. my wallet hurt today but whellp