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Tweet Chirp's journey
Welcome to Tweet Chirp's journey
This is a journey open to all WGers. I'll be posting in the WG like normal. The difference is that the avi'll change and update depending on how interaction with him goes. I'll be posting updates including your character should you want to participate.

Tweet Chirp was a normal parakeet and usually spent his time with the flock. During travel the flock decided to roost on a tree near an open window. Unfortunately that tree happened to be outside a transformation class for mages and others wanting to learn spells. A student trying to get in some extra practice snuck into the classroom and botched a spell, instead sending it out the window where it hit Tweet Chirp. The spell was supposed to turn the student into a bird. Instead with Tweet already a bird it did the opposite effect turning him into a human.

Too heavy for the branch Tweet snapped it, sending the flock into a panic while he rolled down the hill. The student, also in a panic fled the scene. He wasn't sure what was going on but tried flying away, only to find something was off. When he finally came to a stop he tried flying away, only to find out that it wouldn't work. Upon examining his 'wings' he found that they were no longer covered in feathers and had been stained green from his grass fall. Seeing some houses he decided to investigate....
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Walking around the town he noticed some people waiting outside houses before being let in. That gave him an idea. Walking around he wandered from house to house. He waited outside on porches for a few minutes before moving on to the next house. During his search when he stopped by a house surprisingly the door opened. The person told him something about a party before he left. It didn't look like he was getting help there. The bird also wondered about the party, whatever that was.

Stopping by another house after trying he was surprised when the door opened. After explaining his story he was given shorts. It took a bit for the bird to understand but eventually he caught on. With a smile he thanked the other.

Deciding to spend the night in a tree he climbed it and settled in for the night. As he was a purple hair gal appeared under the tree. Coming down he went to greet her. Starting to talk with her he suddenly stopped noticing the cat following her. Sent into a panic he ran off flapping his arms, his instincts taking over.
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After running for awhile he found himself at a nature preserve. Taking a dive into the reserve he continued running. Finding a lake he decided to dive in, remembering cats didn't like water. Swimming for awhile he turned his head hearing sirens. A couple rangers appeared and dragged him out of the lake. After trying to explain to then he was a bird he found himself in jail, them not believing in him. Luckily he didn't spend that long in jail and he at least got away from the cat.

Will he stay human? Will he be turned back into a bird? Will he be a hybrid? Will you find the mage? Will another spell or potion work? It's up to you.

BM Vivi
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