So, after 7+ years I return to the world of Gaia Online. Boy how things have changed. The world i once thrived in and explored has grown so much, sadly I see the economy has declined into a bloated, inane corpse of its once bustling manageable self. My life since leaving Gaia has changed immensely. After my breakup in 2011 I found my best friend and fiance and we have been together for going on 8-9 years (finally asked her to marry me) my children have grown like weeds and arnt slowing down. such lil wise asses. My financial situation has atlast become stable and i am well on my way to a place in my company I work for that i may have a long lasting career.

'm happy, which is the most important part. I missed Gaia and I regret leaving our world but I'm back and hopefully for longer then last time.

so....hey guys I'm home, sorry it took so long ^^