Aite, wow, I literally played for like two hours I think (what a waste of time).

BUT I got through quite a bit of the storyline. I was still halfway through greed but ended up running into another user who was playing through the storyline, so naturally I teamed up with them to burn through quests quicker. They're also level 72 so that helped a lot LOL, esp w/ bosses. currently got to the beginning of Wrath, but I stopped because my eyes are burning.

So I didn't farm doomwood at all today (got the pyro tokens thou, im at 4/84 tokens sigh), i think tmr i might focus on farming doomwood (??) or embersea (or maybe fin doomwood and learn to use necro?) necro doesnt seem like a super good class tbh idk why there was so much hype around it. but if i gotta somehow kill 40 days more to get pyro then i may as well get more classes... i could also finally delete rogue and rustbucket LOL.

i also got a legendary drop cape (dragon wings) which was kinda cool. just stuck it in the bank for now cuz i just use my owl cape. i cant throw out the mirror token stuff bc i wont be able to duplicate it, so its just sitting in my invo. plus i gotta carry the doom wheel stuff (for alpha doomega class) / heals/ spells/ spellcrafting s**t. so my backpack is just consistently at 20/30 full LOL rip. fsfsfsfsfsfs. ok. gn