Thing I learned: If u want an AC item that's stackable, u gotta keep it in your inventory. Learned this the hard way by WASTING 2 BLAZE TOKENS FOR PYROMANCER FSSSSFSSSFSFSSS after defeating the boss i turned in the q and couldnt get the item cuz i put them into my bank storage! omg! now im still at 41 days remaining of that quest before i can get pyromancer, rip me, rip everything.

in other news, used the 20 min rep boost up and farmed doomwood. im currently level 9, maybe 3k/100k (F), but i managed to get like 30k in 20 minutes, so if i use that hour-long rep boost i might have a good shot at farming doomwood completely. I can get necro that way and maybe go for blaze binder too. then all i would have to do is farm embersea... somehow. there's so much random s**t in my inventory tho. i might delete the rogue s**t since i literally never use rogue anymore. i also might just delete my rustbucket class bc everyone says it's super trash lol.